About Me - My Story

I, Praveen Rai, was born in Mumbai on September 7, 1978.

I have been trained and qualified to Captain a merchant ship; that’s who I was, and proudly so, a mariner, a sailor of the seven seas …. , until I awakened to the true calling of my heart and soul- Painting!!!

When I decided to tread the path that led me to my calling….they said I am going against my destiny, that I am doomed to fail…….. But I wanted to follow my heart…..… being an artist was the only choice, my only coveted dream… and I did just that.

Thus began this beautiful journey that has made me who I am today: A self-taught artist!

My Work is an expression of my thoughts, imagination, visions and creativity……a language I use, to connect with the Universe….a channel to converse with the “Source of Infinite Love and Life energy”!!!
Painting is an ever evolving, ever expanding, lifelong learning enterprise! And just being a part of this wondrous crusade is a soul fulfilling feat in itself.

Through my work, I humbly endeavor to strike a chord within you, like I connect with the infinite

I hope we share some common ground herein.

Infinite love and Regards…Always!!!







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